TuteeTutor is online platform which connects Tutee (Students) and Tutors (Teachers) for online sessions. TuteeTutor virtually connects students with teachers via online through our digital platform.  

TuteeTutor derived from Tutee (Student) and Tutor (Teachers).

Current Situation :
Schools and higher education institutions are facing unprecedented needs to close their physical classrooms, due to circumstances resulting from COVID-19 (coronavirus disease). We are here to keep students connected, with teachers so learning doesn’t have to stop for them.

Initially our idea is to bring more Tutor´s on voluntary basis and connect with the Tutee´s through our platform and we have been successful in supporting the children on various topics since mid of March.

Day by day we see challenges to meet the demands with growing number of Tutee´s  and limited availability of volunteers (Tutor´s) who teach on no cost basis. So we decided to continue supporting the platform in a mixed model. 

For topics, where we are able to find volunteers we offer the course completely free. For special and demand based topics we will find the Tutors who can teach on payment basis, then we will co-ordinate and schedule the classes accordingly for those topics and distribute the costs on the Tutees in the group. 

English Classes : 
In similar lines we have received many requests for English course, so we have structured the course in 5 different levels, the first 4 levels covering different topics of grammar and final level attempts to cover advanced topics. With our commitment to support in this crisis situation, we decided to offer the first module (L01) for free under certain conditions, whereas from the next module (L02 onwards) will be optional and paid basis. 

In the current situation we welcome interested parents, teachers and volunteers who wish to engage students community with wide variety of topics. The topics can vary from language (English, German…) to arts (Music / Painting…).

How does TuteeTutor work ?

Interested Tutors register with us by sending email to contact@tuteetutor.com with the topics they wish to cover, timings in which are comfortable including time zone, the number of days. Tutor need a basic laptop with webcam to take the session.

Based on the Tutors available with topics, TuteeTutor keep publishing the schedule with the topics taken and ask Tutees to register for their interested courses by sending email to contact@tuteetutor.com . Parents can help tutees for registering the courses. Tutees need a basic laptop with webcam for joining the session if they get a confirmed place.

Once we have sufficient tutees we will schedule a class and sent out the invite to the Tutor and Tutees. We will moderate the class which will take place virtually.


Interested tutors who wish to offer support need to be serious and committed before registering as we wish to plan and certain tutees will be waiting on the other side and should not be disappointed.

For more questions / suggestions please drop email to contact@tuteetutor.com