Who can join as Tutor?
– Anyone who is interested to teach a topic of their expertise which should help the children for their betterment.

Who will contact me if my class gets scheduled?
– The Team from TuteeTutor will contact you about scheduled classes.

Do I get paid for my course?
– Yes, TuteeTutor will pay the fee based on actual classes as agreed.

How do I register as a tutor?
-Please send an email to contact@tuteetutor.com specifying the topic you want to teach along with the following details
– Timeslots suitable for you and number of classes you can offer within a given week. 

Where do I find my messages?
-TuteeTutor will send you an email with all the relevant information to your registered email.

What resources do I need to teach a class?
– You will need to have Laptop/PC/Tablet, which is suitable for handling a conferencing video call, preferably with good broadband connection.

What subjects are expected to teach?
-As such there is no constraint on the subject. In any case please contact TuteeTutor team for more details.

How can a Tutor can cancel the Scheduled class?
-It is required to be informed TuteeTutor team two days in advance to the commencement of scheduled class.
In case of an emergency we request Tutors to inform TuteeTutor team at least four hours in advance.

How Tutor receives his/her payment?
The payment will be made to their respective account within 15 days after completion of the agreed classes.

What if no tutee joined for scheduled online class?
Team TuteeTutor will gather the reasons from both sides and take the call based on the facts.



Who can attend classes?
– School going children who are interested in learning the topics offered on our platform.

What is the course fee for Tutee?
-Course fee details can be obtained by writing an email to contact@tuteetutor.com

How many children planned for each class?
-Each class can contain maximum of up to 3 students for respective subject.

Is there any option to have one to one class for any chosen subject?
-Yes, it’s always possible to have one to one class, course fee is higher compared to group class.

How can I request or signup for this course?
– Send an email to contact@tuteetutor.com about what you want to learn if the course is not present in the list of classes or specify the class you want to join.
We will send you a link for the class to join.

What resources are required to attend a class?
– PC/Laptop/Tablet suitable to handle video call with a suitable screen for the students to see the Tutor’s Whiteboard. Also requested to have good broadband connection.

What if Tutee not able to attend scheduled class?
-Incase if a Tutee not able to attend the class then please inform TuteeTutor well in advance so that we can see if there is any option to reschedule the class, it all depends on other tutees who are attending the same class.

Does Tutee still need to pay fees for unattended classes?
Yes, the fee is charged for the entire course but not based on each class. If Tutee is not able to attend more than 3 classes, then please contact team TuteeTutor team for the suitable solution.

What if Tutor not available for scheduled online class?
Team TuteeTutor will try to arrange another teacher subject to availability or reschedule the class.
If neither of the above possible then Team TuteeTutor have all rights to cancel the class and a substitute class will be organized.

If I fail to pay course fee within due date, is Tutee still allowed to attend the classes?
As per TuteeTutor norms, it is mandatory to pay the course fee before the commencement of first class. In case of a challenge we advise you to contact Team TuteeTutor.


What is TuteeTutor
-TuteeTutor has one simple objective to bring tutor and Tutee(student) together. Whatever subject you are striving to learn, be it for an academic assessment, or for your own self advancement, we believe we have the perfect tutor for you. If you are a tutor seeking to find students, we will help you locate those who can benefit from your knowledge and teaching expertise.

How does TuteeTutor works?
Team TuteeTutor offers online tutoring and we offer Tutee and Tutors a secure platform that makes it easy to find teachers and schedule appointments by contacting contact@tuteetutor.com.
 The tutoring takes place via online conferencing tools such as Webex/Skype/Zoom or other conferencing tool and which requires a microphone and a camera.

How can I contact TuteeTutor?
– Please write an email to contact@tuteetutor.com about any questions you have.

How much does the TuteeTutor charge?
-TuteeTutor offers online lessons and course fee depends on the subject, duration of course. TuteeTutor will share detailed fee structure for the registered course by contacting  contact@tuteetutor.com.

Where will the tuition take place?
-The classes will take place virtually via skype, Webex/Skype/Zoom or another video conferencing tool.
TuteeTutor will provide all the details about class timings and teacher details.

How do I contact a tutor through TuteeTutor?
-Tutees are not encouraged to directly contact Tutors. You must contact Team TuteeTutor for any queries regarding Tutor by sending mail to contact@tuteetutor.com.

What are the different payment methods offered by TuteeTutor?
-Team TuteeTutor will provide the details once registered for the course.

 When to pay course fee?
-Usually Tutee needs to pay for the registered course before the commencement of first class. 

Is there any possibility to refund the fee amount in case Tutee not able to continue the ongoing class?
a. If the Tutee attended 25% of classes already then 50% of the fee will be refunded.
b. If the Tutee attended 50% of the classes no refund will be made.
c. For any other unavoidable circumstances please get in touch with Team TuteeTutor.